My name is Aaron Wheeler and I am a film maker working primarily in London. I like to direct, animate and edit a wide variety of films but also enjoy assisting on bigger commercial and dramatic projects.

Being raised in Buckinghamshire, England. I was able to practice my craft throughout my childhood and teenage years, creating short films with friends around my home town.

After finishing my formal education, I joined the Telegraph Media Group as a production apprentice. During my two years The Telegraph, I moved into the creative section of their commercial video department. This again helped to structure my creative process and learn more about their production workflow.

I am most passionate about my work in music videos and love to push the boundaries of what is typically expected. I am now working as a freelance film maker, working over a wide range of job roles, in order to gain different perspectives of the production and creative process.

In the words of film-maker and teacher, Alexander Mackendrick:

“A demolition expert has to understand every principle of architecture before he can do his job.”